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spitfire n : a highly emotional and quick-tempered person (especially a girl or woman)

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  1. A person with a fiery temper, someone easily provoked to anger.
  2. A spirited young woman.

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Spitfire may refer to:




  • HMS Spitfire, the name of three British naval ships
  • USS Spitfire, the name of four U.S. naval ships
  • UPS Spitfire, the name of two Polish naval ships




  • Spitfire (comics), a fictional character in Marvel Comics World War Two-era superteam "The Invaders"
  • Spitfire (New Universe), a.k.a. Spitfire and the Troubleshooters and Codename: Spitfire, a comic book published under the New Universe imprint of Marvel Comics
  • SpitFire, a character from the anime/manga Air Gear.


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Mafioso, Young Turk, battle-ax, beast, beldam, berserk, berserker, bitch, bomber, brute, cat, common scold, demon, devil, dragon, fiend, fire-eater, firebrand, fishwife, fury, goon, gorilla, gunsel, hardnose, hell-raiser, hellcat, hellhound, hellion, holy terror, hood, hoodlum, hothead, hotspur, incendiary, killer, mad dog, madcap, monster, mugger, rapist, revolutionary, savage, scold, she-devil, she-wolf, shrew, termagant, terror, terrorist, tiger, tigress, tough, tough guy, ugly customer, violent, virago, vixen, wild beast, witch, wolf
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